Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of ALAMA will be held on 7 July at 7pm BST

The meeting will be a virtual meeting via Zoom, since we are unable to hold a meeting as usual during conference
For various reasons, the decision has been taken to send individual memebers a link invitation, rather than posting it here, so individuals wanting to attend should please contact the chairman or secretary by midday on Sunday 5th July of their intent to attend, with a contact email, so invitations can be sent in time. Zoom is freely available to download to PC or mobile phone, in order to participate, but individuals are advised to test their setup prior to the meeting, since there will not be any dedicated technical support at the time.

Our Chairman-elect will be installed
The following vacancies will need to be filled, as office bearers have stepped down or terms come to an end. The committee is interested to have individuals step forward and express interest, or be nominated to fill these roles, for confirmation if unopposed or by election on the night by members present.

A formal agenda will be posted shortly, alongside the minutes from last year’s AGM for reference. Items of focus will be the future of the conference format, financial health and our constitutional position. Please submit any extraordinary items of business to be discussed for consideration to the Secretary or Chairman by 30 June.

Any nominations for honorary life membership, to be considered at the meeting, should be made to the secretary or Chariman, with a short motivation, by Sunday 5th July please.

Anthony Bell (Secretary)